Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet
and a light unto my path...
(or, What I Did this Summer)
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I remember when
we made the great long pods
iron pellets strapped to birds of prey
canisters holding eyes

shrewd mechanical eyes
that transmitted data
saw pictures ripped to bits
talked to the eggs we laid
such wonderful eggs
eggs that flew

and dropped
hatching into such beautiful hues
the people on the ground

it brought the colour out in their eyes
but the pilot never saw

                        oh no
we only showed him black & white

high resolutions
delivered on time
 98% of the time 
LANTIRN worked perfectly
from beginning to end.

for the others

we're sorry
so very sorry
but you see that's $3.6 billion R&D

again $3.6 billion R&D
and nearly 100 thous-and lives cost
$36 for a life
not bad, considering

Oh say can you see
  thy word is a lamp unto my
    one tin soldier.

            I.                      II.
     Lightly as napalm        Laughing at nothing
     tears                    the infant restlessly
     invading rocket nose     nods

          III.                     IV.
     Long after nightfall     Like a newborn
     ticking ignition         thought immortal
     reins near               rolls noiselessly

                    Light above no
                    instant red